Top 3 Reasons You’re Not Closing More Deals

Taken from an excerpt in Brand Ready's new eBook. New customers are hard to come by and for the large majority of businesses, there are three main reasons that you’re not closing more deals:

#1 Better Options – what makes your widget, product, or service a better choice?

#2 Wrong Audience – you’re not connecting with the right customers

#3 Social Proof – your online brand or lack there of

What Can I Do to Close More Deals?Despite what anyone may tell you, there is no magic solution for closing more deals and for the majority of retailers, search engine optimization (SEO) is not a feasible option due to high costs and the uncertainties revolving around hard to obtain results. Not to mention Google has publicly stated that their algorithm is far smarter than anyone you can afford to beat the system. So if your SEO consultant isn’t playing by the rules, you’d better watch out for the wrath of the almighty Google; you could see your search rankings disappear and your hard earned marketing dollars go down the drain.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other major search engines have collaborated on a set of best practices that webmasters and retail store business owners alike can utilize to improve their search presence. That’s right! If you follow the standards put in place by those who are most likely to refer traffic to your ecommerce website, and do it right, you will be rewarded and you might even see an increase in free traffic to go along with your well-groomed online retail store's brand!

How Can Brand Ready Help?Brand Ready has offered the following branding solutions to numerous Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of retailers; achieving outstanding results for each. As you well know by now, time is money and vice versa. We appreciate that some people have more of one than the other, which is why we offer do-it-yourself (DIY) and paid options for each of our three solutions to getting more customers online. We provide an easy to follow model to use with our proprietary software for those who want to go it alone and for those who want to make sure that it’s done right, we offer a 100% hands-free solution and do it in-house for your convenience.


As inbound marketing professionals, we absolutely love the HubSpot inbound marketing platform for ecommerce retailers. Our strength in building personas, creating citations, automation beyond emails, syndicating your content with one click, and ensuring all the content that you’re producing is taking advantage of Google’s and other search engine’s meta scheme tags. Also, what about optimizing those images beyond the alt tag?

It is these missing pieces that Brand Ready fills in; this is why we work well with your existing inbound marketing strategy. Simply put, our motto says it all: to break or start new, and the programming language we use is the (r) language to analyze and improve content connections.<b/r> "we make your content better.”

Product Media Optimization

We make your images or videos Interactive text. and code your media to enhance your product search results; your media will be integrated with Analytics.

Product Syndication

Our platform syndicates your content to Google approved PR6
text social media sites and on your existing blog. Creating Google approved inbound links.

Product Magazine Builder

Not all business listings are created equal, which is why we designed the Digital Catalog text for ecommerce retailer's; to promote their retail inventory.

Since 2012 we have been helping top ecommerecr retailers sell more products using content marketing and proven Inbound stratigies to increase leads and conversions.

What is Inbound Marketing

Learn all of the inbound marketing secrets the pros use to drive more traffic to your website
and close more sales for your business.

  • Inbound marketing step-by-step guide designed for the retail owner
  • Discover how to generate new leads by targeting buyer personas
  • Guide on creating an effective email marketing campaign
Inbound Real Estate Agents Guide

Inbound Marketing Resources

Some of our clients are in the process of converting to the HubSpot software, while others are downgrading or are changing platforms. This section is for the ecommerce professional who is thinking about starting an inbound marketing campaign to generate new leads. The informative blogs posts demonstrate free alternatives to creating an inbound marketing blog.

Setting Up An Inbound Blog
The main difference with setting up an inbound blog is planning a full loop strategy and setting up the correct plug-ins. There are many free integration plugs to make this easy work.
Set Up Tracking Code
Regardless of the platform you decide to use to track and measure your performance and plan your content postings, learn how you can embed HubSpot tracking code into third party blogs.
Setting up a Lead Capture Form
Deciding where to send an email and what action should happen or sending your contact to the correct place to get more relevant info is what a properly setup Mailchimp form accomplishes.
Your First Landing Page
A blog with a landing page is the ultimate inbound lead generation tool; with the WP Persona Plugin along with these top seven landing page hacks, your visitors will convert to leads.
Creating A Call To Action
Way more than a CSS button with text, a CTA button with the right script and a little inbound magic can create a unique user experience and help your customers make the right buying decision.
Creating Automated Email
Sending a bunch of emails to someone is spam, sending invited emails when the customer performs certain actions. While moving them through the buying journey is true marketing automation.


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Inbound Marketing Add-Ons

Brand Ready's Software and product's are a perfect fit for the eCommerce retailer that was told Inbound marketing or content marketing was the way to go, went out with the best intentions and spent money on an Inbound platform or assigned someone from the office or a family member to take care of it, fast forward a couple of month's and the retailer. Is left wandering why it's not working. They were not wrong but many companies and business professional's underestimate the time and effort it actually takes to build a successful content marketing campaign. This is where Brand Ready Content exceeds saving you time and money by providing the needed content optimized for your companies brand.

Persona Software
  • Create professionally designed, data-driven personas to identify your target market and subgroups
  • Quickly create a buyer persona that you can use to tailor your content to.
  • Use your buyer persona to find social networks and groups that consist of your prospective customers.
  • Print your buyer persona or save it as a PDF document.
Inbound Website
  • Turnkey inbound marketing blog built on WordPress CMS with unique content, SEO, and mobile device ready.
  • Redesign your existing website or start new with a modern, user-friendly look.
  • Marketing features include Brand Ready’s Persona Marketing plugin, call-to-action, and corresponding landing page for improved lead conversions.
  • Dashboard for tracking traffic, social shares, and conversions.
Inbound Marketing
  • Complete inbound marketing package for WordPress CMS users with lead conversion software, email drip, social media, and analytics dashboard.
  • Tons of content, including blog posts, video, slideshow, infographic, memes, and images.
  • 200+ social media updates across all major platforms.
  • Facebook promotion and $25 in advertising.
*Pricing disclaimer: A campaign is considered a QTY of (1) promoted post, (1) Persona Creation, (1) RSS Promotional Feed. Our monthly prices are based on an annual or paid in full contract of the duration of the
promotion being run or the term of the promotional material has a shelf and support life of (30) days.


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